Technical support
Before sending a message to the technical support, You're requried to read the rules and the "About Us" tab.
  • 1 If you entered the wrong trade offer link, no items will be sent.
  • 2 If your inventory have more than 1,000 items, no items will be sent.
  • 3 If you didn't accept the reward within 30 minutes, no items will sent.
  • 4 We return items only if the problem on our end (bot)
  • 5 We also accept reports of cooperation matters.
  • 6 All your suggestions for improving our service will also be taken into account.
Form to return items
  • 1 Enter your trade offer link (see. Settings).
  • 2 Attach a screenshot of the trade offer (trade offer that you sent the bot).
  • 3 Describe the situation.
  • 4 Specify the link to the game, where the error occurred.
  • 5 The date and time of sending exchange
Beware of scams!
We never add you to the first in Steam or social networks disguised as moderators and administrators, do not offer help in getting the easy win and never require skins ago.
Contact to connect with tech support