About Us
Welcome, CSBETS players.
A site with gamemodes which anyone can play on and win skins for CS:GO.
Select the gamemode you want to join by betting an amount of money/skins, Once the round starts, A random player in the gamemode will win and get more rewards than what he/she deposited.
Currently we have those gamemodes:
Classic game
  • Minimum amount to join $0.25.
  • There's no maximum limit to bet and join.
  • The maximum number of items to place is 20.
  • The game holds for 2 minutes before starting or 100 items have been placed.
Rock Paper Scissors
  • Minimum amount to join $0.01.
  • There's no maximum limit to bet & join.
  • Maximum number of players in a game is 2.
  • The game lasts until one of the players wins 2 rounds.
Before the game, Please be advised:
  • 1 To join, You must've enabled Steam Mobile Authenticator more than 7 days ago.
  • 2 If player who place the first bet in a game, win, 2% commission is reduced.
  • 3 A player with "CSBETS.net" in his name gets 2% commission reduced.
  • 4 All exchanges are accepted and sent in an automated way.
  • 5 If you play on the site, you agree to all the rules of the site.
  • 6 Before the game, make sure your inventory is not full/private.
  • 7 You're guaranteed for half a hour to collect your items when the game ends. After this time, we are not responsible for lost items.
How to make your first bet:
  • 1 Make sure your inventory is public and / or not full.
  • 2 Select a gamemode "Classic game".
  • 3 Click on "Make a Deposit".
  • 4 Select the items to bet and click "Make offer".
  • 5 Confirm the selected trade using Mobile Authenticator on your mobile Steam app.
  • 6 Click on the site "Add" button (you have 60 seconds).
  • 7 After pressing it, a bot will take your bet and put it into play.
How to make a balance bet on the site:
  • 1 Make sure your inventory is public and / or not full.
  • 2 Click on the "Deposit" button.
  • 3 Select the items to bet and click "Make offer".
  • 4 Confirm the selected trade using Mobile Authenticator on your mobile Steam app.
  • 5 Click on the site "Add" button (you have 60 seconds).
  • 6 After pressing it, a bot will take your items and update the balance online.
How to make purchases in stores:
  • 1 Make sure your inventory is public and / or not full.
  • 2 Click on the "Market" tab.
  • 3 Select the item that you need to buy.
  • 4 Click on the buy button.
  • 5 In the window that opens, select the number of items that you need to buy.
  • 6 Click "Run the purchase."
  • 7 Take the exchange on Steam.
How to create a game in Rock-Paper-Scissors:
  • 1 Fill up balance online.
  • 2 View tab in the Rock, Scissors, Paper.
  • 3 Insert your betting amount.
  • 4 Click on the "Start Battle" button.
Game Features Rock-paper-scissors:
  • 1 After creating a game, Other users have 60 minutes to play in it. Otherwise, your game will be cancelled and you will get a refund.
  • 2 If in the first round, one of the users selects figure game is canceled and the balance will be refunded to your account.
  • 3 Once you connect to a user, you will have 25 seconds to select the figure you want to use againts him.
  • 4 In case you've completed at least one round and you didn't select a figure in the other rounds, A figure will be automatcally choosed for you.
If you do not have time to press
The "Add" button for 60 seconds, your exchange will be rejected and for that to be able to bid will need to repeat all the points mentioned above.
We do not store any user data, except for Steam and login links for exchanges. Your avatar and nickname on Steam are available to all users of the service. Each time, sending items to the game, you agree with the rules of the site.
The questions and answers:
  • Q: What items are accepted to bet with?
  • A: the Bot only accepts skins from the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Trade offers with items from other games or containing gift items will be automatically rejected.
  • Q: How are the prices for skins?
  • A: the prices of skins is regularly updated in accordance with the prices steamanalyst and set as the average value over a certain time interval. Prices of skins on the website may differ from prices on the trading floor Steam.
  • Q: How can I increase the chance to win?
  • A: The more skins you place and bet, will be more chance to get to win.
  • Q: My skins got into the next game.
  • A: Time entry rates in round depending on the load on the Steam servers and can vary from 2 to 180 seconds. In rare cases, the skins can be added for longer due to the extreme load on Steam.If you bet before the completion of the current round, it can get into the next game. We are not responsible for such situations that happen because of delays Steam.
  • Q: I made a bet by misstake, how can i get my skins back?
  • A: We work only with the system of exchanges Steam. Each bet is confirmed using a mobile authenticator Steam. We will not be able to refund skins that participated in the game was played.
  • Q: In what time frame comes winnings?
  • A: The prize will be sent automatically by one of our boats in the period from 5 to 30 minutes. In rare cases, the sending of winning may take longer due to problems in the work of Steam or difficulties with mobile confirmations.
  • В: I Have 1000 items in my inventory will i get the skins when i will win?
  • О: In case you completed the inventory of the winner items remain administration.
  • В: I had 5 not received exchanges from your bot and I didn't get the win, what do I do?
  • О: Take exchanges immediately after the victory. If you have more than 5 of the received exchanges from our bots we are not able to send a new exchange.
  • В: My inventory was hidden and i wont got the skins after my winning what should i do?
  • О: To win the skins, the inventory must be publish. If the inventory is hidden the win will be not returned!
  • В: I accidentally cancelled the trade with my skins that I won, what do I do?
  • О: If you cancel the exchange or sent a counter-offer after the victory, then your skins will not be refunded, because the bot is not designed to re-send skins.
  • В: I Bought a skin in the store but forgot to take it, what do I do?
  • О: Making a purchase in the store you have 1 hour to accept the purchased skins or your purchase will be cancelled (the exchange will be rejected). Exceptions are cases when the skins did not reach you due to any error on our part.